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This page contains correspondence we have had with other researchers with Vingoe in their trees. If you find anything which is of interest to you re your research please contact us here and we will pass your message on. We have only used given names in order to protect the privacy of the correspondents.

We  thank all those who have helped our research by writing to us. Hopefully we have also contributed something in return. Friendships have grown up as a result of some of this correspondence and we look forward to making even more friends around the world through this Web Site.

Sandra & George Pritchard.


Dear Joan,

First let me thank you for the time you have taken in doing the research and
placing the Cornish strays on the Rootsweb. I am interested in the following
two entries as they are connected to my family tree.

VINGO, George, b.1856 St.Just, Engine Driver, 1881: Workington.
VINGOE, John, b.1840 St.Just, Iron Miner, 1881: Cleator.

I hope you can help,


Sandra Vingoe


Here they are Sandra:

 Dwelling: 47 Montreal St
 Census Place: Cleator, Cumberland, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342252     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 5191    Folio 83    Page 84

                              Marr  Age  Sex         Birthplace                                      Rel:      Occupation
John VINGOE         M     41     M   St Just, Cornwall, England                    Head    Iron Ore Miner
Mary VINGOE        M     25     F    St Just, Cornwall, England                    Wife
John VINGOE                  10     M   St Just, Cornwall, England                    Son           Scholar
Henry T. VINGOE              5 m M   Cleator Moor, Cumberland, England    Son
Elizabeth VINGOE    U     18      F    St Just, Cornwall, England                   Sister       Dressmaker
Jane Elizabeth VINGOE    13      F    St Just, Cornwall, England                   Sister       Scholar
Grace A. VINGOE            12     F    Australia                                              Sister
Jane THOMAS         W     65      F   St Just, Cornwall, England                    M in Law Annuitant
 Dwelling: 7 Old Market Pl
 Census Place: Workington, Cumberland, England
 Source: FHL Film 1342248     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 5176    Folio 96    Page 2

                                    Marr    Age      Sex         Birthplace                            Rel.           Occupation
George H. VINGO        M       25          M     St Just, Cornwall, England       Head     Engine Driver (Rail)
Margaret VINGO          M       21           F     Workington, Cumberland UK  Wife
George E. VINGO                     4 m       M    Workington, Cumberland, UK  Son

Best wishes,

Joan in Colorado.

Dear Carol,

You won't find your Stephen on my tree as he is on a different line. I do, however,  have a good tree for him going back to 1700, do you want the details?

I couldn't find Stephen James (born 1841) and Elizabeth after they married on the 10th of May 1864 @ Madron. Pz. They do not appear on any census in Cornwall after this date. Below I give details of what I now have on him:

1851 census:  Stephen aged 10, Sister Grace aged 7, Father Stephen Mother Anne living in Sancreed.

1861 census:  Stephen nowhere in Cornwall. Father, Mother and Grace in Sancreed.

1864:             Stephen marries Elizabeth Polglase 10 May 1864 @ Madron.

1871 census:  No evidence of Stephen in Cornwall. Mother & Father in Paul Parish but no sign of Grace either.

1881 census:  Elizabeth in Cardiff but no sign of Stephen (information via your letter.

1891 census:  An Elizabeth Vingoe living in Cardiff. I found her name on a list on a Web Page but no other details.

Im afraid this is all the information I have at the moment.


Sandra Pritchard (nee Vingoe)

Dear Sandra

Thanks for your info which tallies with my scanty info about the Vingoes.  
Have you got an addres in Cardiff? I have somewhere, but must dig it out.  
The address at which Elizabeth P. Vingoe was living in 1881 with her mother
and "adopted son, Samuel," aged 3 was occupied in 1891 by her sister,
Margaret POLGLASE POLGLASE along with Samuel now 13.  I don't know what
became of Margaret's other children. The widowed mother died in 1884 and was
buried in Cardiff.  Some day perhaps I shall piece together the puzzle. Two
of "little" Sam's grandchildren born during WWI could possibly still be alive
although I have no trace of them. A third, a daughter born in 1912 was killed
in WWII and is buried near Cardiff although she died in Truro.  She was a
pilot in the Auxilliary RAF. Sam was a "pitwood importer." Vingoe was
variously misspelt in the records I found, so it would! be easy to miss
Stephen James, but he should have been SOMEWHERE on census day.
Is there any way to trace British subjects who lived (and died) abroad? Of
the two sons of Samuel, one served as a Paymaster Lieutenant in the Royal
Navy and possibly lived in Kuwait in the 50's/60's.  The other lived in India
in the 30's.
Thanks again for your very helpful info.
Carol in MD USA


Dear John & Maureen,
  I have been working away at the family tree for some years and have only recently joined the Hi-Tech world of computers so most of the research has been done from the actual parish registers etc.

Coming now to Henry. I have tried and tried to find a birth for him without success. I think his father was a John Vingoe b1738, who
married a Margaret Ellis in 1769. If we can prove this link then In my own mind I am convinced that the line comes down from a John Vingoe who appears in the Parish Records at Mawgan in Meneague as getting married in 1609 but I have yet to prove it because I cannot trace Henry's birth.
I hope you enjoy reading what I have been able to put together and I look forward to hearing your comments and  what your connection is to the tree and if you have discovered more about Henry. If you find any mistakes then please let me know as there is still a lot to do and a lot of facts that I have found out to be added. My line is picked out in Bold Text.


Sandra Maureen Pritchard (nee Vingoe).


Dear George and Sandra

Thank you for your New Year wishes, and may 2001 hold all you would wish
for. I do hope that Sandra is well on the way to recovery and will soon be
back at the keyboard.

It is with some shame that I notice it's a month since I asked you for a few
days! Our children have 8 (yes, eight!) weeks of holidays in summer, and I
find this cramps my style genealogically, but I do enjoy having them home,
and the break from the school-term rush.

The only VINGOE research that I have done myself pertains to that of Edward,
s/o Henry & Grace (nee MANN). ie I have not had time to check anything
further back than that, although I have been sent some info from the
research of Geoff ---- of Melbourne, Australia, and his daughter they seem to                                           agree that Henry (1771) was the son of John VINGOE and Margaret ELLIS, but                                         also cannot find a chr. date. However, they have John chr. 28 June 1742,  Sennen,                                        and as the son of Henry VINGOE & ? John (my husband) has his line coming                                       through the abovementioned Edward VINGOE. Below is an outline of this branch.

Descendants of Edward Vingoe

 1   Edward Vingoe b: Abt 1811 in Newlyn    d: Bef 1881
..  +Mary Elphick b: Abt 1810 in West Firle, Sussex    d: 11 May 1889 inPaul
....... 2   William Henry Vingoe b: 10 June 1839 in Portsmouth    d: 13 June 1839 in Portsmouth
....... 2   Sarah Jane Vingoe b: Abt 1841 in Newlyn
............  +William Henry Badcock b: Abt January 1841 in Newlyn     m: 28 February 1864 in Paul
................. 3   Edward John Badcock b: Abt 1865 in Newlyn    d: 17 April 1944 in St Ives
.....................  +Margaret Jane Thomas b: Abt March 1867 in St Ives m: Abt September 1891 in               .........................St Ives d: 23 June 1920 in St Ives
........................... 4   William Henry Badcock b: 8 June 1892 in St Ives
...............................  +Dulcie Sandercock  m: in St Ives
........................... 4   Edward John Badcock b: Abt 1893 in St Ives
...............................  +Edna Dyer-Smith b: in St Ives     m: in St Ives
........................... 4   Margaret Badcock b: Abt 1895 in St Ives  d: 1947 in Johannesburg, South Africa
...............................  +Thomas Jennings Berriman b: 25 September 1892 in St Ives m: 5 July 1919 in ....................................Established Church, St Ives    d: Abt 1959 in Johannesburg, South Africa
........................... 4   Ethel May Badcock b: 7 September 1898 in St Ives
...............................  +Phillip Jeffrey  m: in St Ives    d: 1941 in WWII
........................... 4   Sarah Lizzie Badcock   (may have married a PENBERTHY)
................. 3   Louisa Badcock b: Abt 1867 in Newlyn  d: October 1933
................. 3   William Henry Badcock b: Abt December 1870 in Newlyn
.....................  +Millie Kneebone b: Abt 1880  d: 29 January 1950 in Paul
.................  *2nd Wife of William Henry Badcock:
.....................  +Jane ??  m: Abt December 1892
........................... 4   George Badcock b: 1 October 1895
................. 3   Frederick Badcock b: Abt March 1875 in Newlyn
.....................  +Elizabeth Drew b: Abt 1877 in Paul
....... 2   Richard Elphick Vingoe b: Abt 1845 in Newlyn
............  +Jane Mary Willis b: Abt 1854 in Newlyn m: 8 April 1883 in Paul, d: Aft 1881
................. 3   Mary A Vingoe b: Abt 1883
................. 3   Richard Vingoe b: Abt 1885
................. 3   Arthur Vingoe b: Abt 1887
................. 3   Janie Vingoe b: Abt 1890

John's mum is a daughter of Margaret BADCOCK and Thomas Jennings BERRIMAN.
Family Tree Maker tells me that John and Sandra are 4th cousins once

That's probably enough for the moment <g>.

All the best from some very distant (in both senses!) cousins

Maureen in Australia.


Hi Derek,
I've a Rodda on one of my Vingoe Trees - I thought it would be easy (as its a fairly rare name ) to do all of them after I had done mine and coudnt get back further than 1797!!!
A William vingoe married a Constance Rodda @ Madron in 1801. Is she one of yours?
I've got the index to the 1851 census for all the Vingoes in Cornwall and I've identified most the only one I can't place is a Francis Vingoe aged 13 on Sennen Folio of Pz Union No 389. He is the only Vingoe on that reference which I think could be St. Just. Could you please look up the details for me with his birthplace and the details of the family he is with.
Many thanks


Hi Sandra,
I don't know about Constance Rodda, as yet.
I have got back to Henry Rodda b abt 1809, Gulval (I think)
but do not yet know if he had brothers/sisters.
Unfortunately Rodda is very common down in West Cornwall, and you may of heard of Rodda's Clotted Cornish Cream, well they are based in West Cornwall but not ties up with my Rodda's (pity).
My Rodda's were stone masons,for quite a few generations.
I have a spreadsheet (excel) of a huge no of Rodda's in Cornwall, would you like it? I can e-mail it to you.
My 1851 Census CD, is of East & Mid Cornwall mainly, it comes down to Perranzabuloe parish, with a few odds & sods, but nothing in West Cornwall.
This is the 2nd version I have each one gets bigger, so perhaps one day I will have them all.
Sorry can't help with Vingoe.
Kind regards
Derek in UK



Just 'cos Sandra's home and resting, here's what may be a little present for her family tree:

Our files have the following:

On 20 December 1788 (a date very close to your William Bottrell & Margaret Vingoe) JOHN BOTTRELL married
PHILADELPHIA TREMEWEN in St Buryan. (She was b bef.9 January, 1762 in St Buryan and died 1833 in Madron.)

Their son, NICHOLAS TREMEWEN BOTTRELL was born bef. 14 February, 1796 and in 1830 Nicholas married MARY ANN
VINGO in Penzance.

That's all I have so I hope it's some help.

Cheers, JohnT in Auckland NZ


Dear George,

I always look forward to reading your postings and found this one on William
extremely interesting.  Before going into the hospital, Sandra was very
helpful with some of my Bath Family in Falmouth and perhaps now I may be
able to return the favour with some information from the Chellew files.

Arthur Chellew (abt 1794 -1872) married Agnes Vingoe Cardew 09 Aug1818 at St
Ives.  She was born in Sennen abt 1799, died in St. Ives 08 Aug 1882 and is
said to be the daughter of  Mathew Cardew & Mary Bottrell who were married
in 1798.  I'm not sure if there is a connection but hopefully this is new
and of interest.

Glad to hear that Sandra's operation went well and that she is home.  Please
give her my best wishes.  I am looking forward to seeing her on the list
again and now that she is back home with you I'm sure she will have a speedy

Kind regards,

Jo Anne



Hello George,

Thanks for sharing the story telling on the CON email list. It was a
very pleasant read.

I also noted with interest your research into the Vingoe family of
West Penwith. I've got one connection with Vingoe, which I wonder if
you can confirm from your existing knowledge.

I certainly know that Thomas HATTAM married Mary Vingoe TRUDGEN on 18
Aug 1863 at the Parish Church in Sennen. Henry was a lighthouse
keeper, at the East Dean Light in Sussex as it happened at that time,
Mary was the daughter of Henry Hodge Trudgen, a farmer in Sennen.
Thomas Hattam was the son of Thomas HATTAM from St Just, who was also
a lighthouse keeper. (source = marriage cert)

Henry Hodge TRUDGEN is a pretty unlikely name for repetition, and the
references I can find are
a christening on 4 Feb 1793 in Sennen
a marriage to Mary VINGOE on 23 Jun 1826 in Sennen
and the christenings of three children ... Margaret Vingoe Trudgen
1827, Mary Vingoe Trudgen 1828 and Dorothy Hodge Vingoe Trudgen in

Mary Vingoe herself I can't seem to find using the sources I can easily use.

So as you mentioned "Vingoe" and "Sennen", I wondered if this little
part of the Vingoe family is something you've previously researched?

Many thanks

Mark Hattam


 I have edited the next letter as the bulk of it can be found Here Click

Dear Mark,


Thanks for your E-mail, which was most helpful. However, before I come to the Vingoe’s I was interested in the fact that you said your Thomas’s father was also a lighthouse keeper.

In the 1871 Census the entry reads as follows:-

1871 Census Parish St. Anthony in Roseland  District 1. Schedule 017.

        Name            Poss. In Fam   Status.  Age    Birth            Place                         Occupation.

Thomas Hattam             Head           M      44      1827     St Just in Penwith          Falmouth Lighthouse

Mary V Hattam             Wife            M      42      1829     Sennen

Thomas Hattam Snr.   Father     Widower  75      1796    St Just in Penwith   Land owner, Retired Farmer         

Mary T Hattam            Daug.                       6       1865    East Dean Sussex              Scholar

Margaretta Hattam       Daug                       5        1866    East Dean Sussex              Scholar

In the 1891 Census Thomas has retired and is living Higher Tregeseal near St Just in Penwith. Mary has gone and his Daughter Margaretta is living with him and another Daughter Rutha G who is 19 years old.

Both Thomas and Mary are buried at St Just.

I hope this helps. Now I come to the Vingoe link.

As a result of your bit of the jigsaw telling me that Thomas Hattam married Mary Vingoe Trudgeon in Sennen on the 18 August 1863 I’ve been able to clear up part of my Vingoe records. I can’t remember how the link was made but I thought Thomas Hattam’s wife was Mary C Vingoe and so I placed her in another sector. With your marriage certificate information and other census information I’ve now put her in the right Vingoe group and can trace her maternal line back to the Vingoe / Trudgeon Line of which her mother Mary was the sole heir to Vingoe lands and property in the Lands End area of Cornwall. It is an interesting story and we have been researching it for some time to see what happened to a large estate that was owned by the Vingoe’s and at one time covered most of the Parish of Sennen. It seems that the males of the family led very risky lives (Smuggling, Freetrading and Piracy). As a result the male heirs died off leaving the property to pass via the females and marriage to other family names.

Here then is the family tree for your Vingoe / Hattam line.

1..William Vingoe b >1698 d k/n

….Mary Daniel 1705 – 1794 of Sancreed Parish Married 1730 St Buryan.

….2. William b 1731 Sennen

….2. Henry b1733 Sennen

….2. Richard b 1736 Sennen

…….Mary Penberthy Married 1763 @ Sennen.

…….3. Mary b 1764 m Richard Bottrell (grandparents to William Bottrell (Old Celt)).

…….3. William b 1767 d 1800 buried @ Sennen.

……….Mary Hutchins m 1797

……….4. Mary b 1798

………….Henry Hodge Trudgeon b 1793 m 23 June 1826

………….5. Margaret Vingoe Trudgeon b 1827 

…………….Thomas Toman m. 1856

…………….6. Dorothy Hodge Vingoe Toman b 1857

…………….6. Margaretta Hodge Toman b 1859

…………….6. Mary Vingoe Toman b.1860

…………….6. Annie M. T. Toman b. 1862

……………….Benjamine Trehair m 

………..  5. Mary Vingoe Trudgeon b 1828

………..…..m Thomas Hattam 1863.


………  5. Dorothy Hodge Trudgeon b 1830


Hello, George. Hello, Sandra.

Wow ... many thanks for the document. It came through the email
system fine, and is very interesting. I know all the places you
mentioned, especially Escalls as I've stayed in the farmhouse there
several times when Mum & Dad took me down to Cornwall back in the
1970's and 1980's.

I'm going to write you a much fuller reply later on, but as my little
2 year old is currently fast asleep I'll send you something straight
away to say thanks.

This excerpt comes from "Collectanea Cornubiensia" by E C Boase 1890


HATTAM, Thomas of St Just; At the Longships lighthouse; At the
Eddystone lighthouse 1858; At Bishop lighthouse, St Mary's, Scilly
1860; At Garrison light, St Mary's, Scilly 1861; At Beachy Head
lighthouse, Eastbourne 1862; At Falmouth harbour lighthouse 1869. d
St Anthony lighthouse near Falmouth 28 June 1878 aged 83

The lady's and gentleman's diary, Lond. 1849, 12o. T Hattam
contributed poetical replies to enigmas &c, to this Diary from 1849
to 1871, all of them being apparently written in lighthouses.

Hattam, Miss M of St Just, contributed poetical replies to enigmas in
the Lady's and Gentleman's diary in 1857, etc.


This is in fact one of the few accounts I have of any of my family
tree members. Having said that, I'm not entirely convinced that the
author got the right Thomas. Thomas (snr) is described as a farmer
just about everywhere else, so maybe he went to live with his son
after he was widowed sometime in the 1850's. (I errored on the
marriage cert info about the father, he's down as "farmer"!)

I can't find a GRO death index entry for Margaret (Thomas snr's
wife), but that's not unusual ... I've been through all the BMD
indexes 1837 to 1999 and am still missing several events for various
people. There's also no relevant entry for a Margaret Hattam listed
in the St Just burial register.

I'm putting more info into a Word document, which will be clearer.
You might get that as early as tomorrow if I get enough time later

Just quickly ... the third child of Thomas & Mary Vingoe was Bertha
Emmeline Hattam b.1871 St Anthony, Cornwall

Thanks again,


- -

Dear George & Sandra

Many thanks for your document detailing the Vingoe's. It came through the email system fine, and is very interesting. I know all the places you mentioned, even Escalls as I've stayed in the farmhouse there several times when Mum & Dad took me down to Cornwall back in the 1970's and 1980's. The history of Lands End was good too, as I'd only known about the sale of it a few years ago.

I've been trying to build up my family tree for a year or so now. My aunt sent me 1960's versions of a St Just tree and a Truro tree some years ago, but I didn't get interested until after my son was born. Since then, I've been able to elaborate greatly on those original versions, and correct them in some places too. The availability of data has obviously increased since the 1960's not least of course with the public disclosure of the 1871, 1881 and 1891 Censuses. Also the massive growth of Internet commuications is fantastic for this kind of research, especially as many - even most - of my cousins ended up in Australia, South Africa or the USA.

I've only been able so far to trace my ancestry to a John Hattam = Elizabeth Eddy marriage in St Buryan in 1779. They then lived at Boscregan by St Just, with their children then living at places like Tregaseal, Bosavern and so on. I don’t at the moment have that much other detail about their lives apart from dates for births, christenings, marriages and deaths. They all seemed to be miners and/or farmers with just the odd exception eg lighthouse keeper.

There are some IGI extractions of Hattam's prior to 1779 particularly in St Just and Redruth, but I can't definitiely tie in John yet … though there is only one realistic family in St Just he could have been born into … Thomas Hattam & Loveday Tresize. But as I'm also working on the Truro Hattam's along with some other descendants from that family, we might eventually happen upon some other documentation that links the two families by unearthing earlier history.

This excerpt comes from "Collectanea Cornubiensia" by E C Boase 1890

HATTAM, Thomas of St Just; At the Longships lighthouse; At the Eddystone lighthouse 1858; At Bishop lighthouse, St Mary's, Scilly 1860; At Garrison light, St Mary's, Scilly 1861; At Beachy Head lighthouse, Eastbourne 1862; At Falmouth harbour lighthouse 1869. d St Anthony lighthouse near Falmouth 28 June 1878 aged 83


The lady's and gentleman's diary, Lond. 1849, 12°. T Hattam        contributed poetical replies to enigmas &c, to this Diary from        1849 to 1871, all of them being apparently writte in            lighthouses.


Hattam, Miss M of St Just, contributed poetical replies to         enigmas in the Lady's and Gentleman's diary in 1857, etc.

This is in fact one of the few accounts I have of any of my family tree members. Having said that, I'm not entirely convinced that the author got the right Thomas ... Or rather he's written it in a way that suggests that Thomas is the worker at the lighthouse rather than just residing there with his son. And I've therefore interpreted it incorrectly. Trinity House have no extant records due to WWII.

Here is the my extracted text of the marriage certificate of Thomas Hattam & Mary Vingoe Trudgen on 18 Aug 1863 at the Parish Church, Sennen.

Name: Thomas Hattam

Age: both of full age

Condition: Batchelor

Profession: Light keeper

Residence: East Dean

Father's name: Thomas Hattam

Father's profession: Farmer


Name: Mary Vingoe Trudgen

Age: both of full age

Condition: Spinster


Residence: Sennen

Father's name: Henry Hodge Trudgen

Father's profession: Farmer


Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England by Licence.



Samuel Harvey Just

Mary Ann S Hutchens


In the presence of:

Wm Houghton

On his sister's marriage certificate, Thomas snr is again described as a farmer. That was on 13 Oct 1858 at the Wesleyan Chapel, St Just in Penwith.

Name: John Cottle

Age: 30 years

Condition: Batchelor

Profession: Bible Christian Minister

Residence: Padstow

Father's name: John Cottle

Father's profession: Farmer


Name: Margaret Hattam

Age: 28 years

Condition: Spinster


Residence: Tregeseal, St Just in Penwith

Father's name: Thomas Hattam

Father's profession: Farmer


Married in the Wesleyan Chapel Church Town St Just in Penwith according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Bible Christians.



Nicholas Grenfell Williams

Charles Tippett


In the presence of:

William Clark

John Chenhalls, Registrar

Of course by 1881, Thomas (snr) has died, and here is the 1881 Census entry (from LDS CD)

                   Dwelling:                   Light House

                   Census Place:   St Anthony In Roseland, Cornwall, England

                   Source:                   FHL Film 1341554     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2307    Folio 6    Page 6

                              Marr     Age    Sex             Birthplace                  Rel.                Occupation

Thomas HATTAM   M        54      M     St Just, Cornwall               Head   Principal Lighthouse Keeper

Mary V. HATTAM  M        52       F     Sennen, Cornwall               Wife

Mary T. HATTAM   U         16      F     East Dean, Sussex, Eng.        Daur                    Scholar

Margretta HATTAM            15       F    East Dean, Sussex, England   Daur                  Scholar

Bertha E. HATTAM               9       F     St Anthony, Cornwall            Daur                   Scholar

Margriet L. MACKAY  U    30       F     Aberdeenshire Rhynie, Scot                           Governess

The third child's full name is Bertha Emmeline Hattam. Here are the relevant GRO birth index entries.

           Na me                                 Year                 Month      Place          Folio              Entry

Hattam  Mary Trudgen                   1864                   Sep      Eastbourne      2b                   56

Hattam  Margaretta                         1866                  Jun        Eastbourne      2b                   54

Hattam Bertha Emmeline                  1871                  Dec      Truro              5c                   150

These appear to be the death index entries of the two oldest children

           Name                                   Year       Month     Age     Place            Folio           Entry

Hattam  Mary Trudgeon                   1881         Jun         16     Truro              5c                99

Hattam Margaretta                           1945          Sep        79     Penzance        5c                180

  I don't see a Bertha anywhere in the death index, but I do have this in the marriage index

  Hattem Bertha                                  1902         Dec                 Falmouth          5c             295

  I haven't yet got a copy of this certificate, my surname is so often mis-spelled that it wouldn’t surprise me. But there is also this birth index entry, which given the lack of second name or initial, is likely to be a better bet. This Bertha is a daughter of a William Henry Hattam from the Truro area family.

  Hattam Bertha                                 1879           Dec                  Truro                5c              154

  There was one quarter's death index volume which I haven't yet seen due to it being away for repair from Myddleton House. But I doubt if I'll end up finding all my "missing" entries in just one volume.

  I see from the St Buryan and St Levan christening registers that there a few Vingoes there too. Vingoe also appears to be a popular second-given name in these two parishes and even more so in Sennen.

  I'm sure there's much more I could go on to write, but I've probably gone on too much already. You didn't say about which version of Word you're running, so I assume you can read Word 97 & later OK.



> Hello George & Sandra
> I found this webpage earlier this evening on an Australian website ...
> http://www.firstfamilies2001.net.au/firstfamily.cfm?id=31753
> Mary Anne VINGOE b:1811 & Nicholas Tremewan BOTTRELL
> The IGI has a Mary Anne VINGOE chr: 7 Jul 1811, dau of George &
> Elizabeth, which I guess is the same lady.
> Mark Hattam


Reply to Mark Hattam
Re Query on Anne Vingoe 26 April.

Sorry for the delay.I do have Anne married to Thomas Ellis on my data. Her
line also goes back to your Lands End link to a Henry and Eleanor.

Since I last sent info I have established that a William was married to
Agnes and he died in 1730 leaving a will mentioning his wife son William and
daughters Rebecca and Margaret. This son William was the one that married
Mary Daniel 1730, your line.

The William m to Agnes was the brother of Henry married to Eleanor and their
father was William son of John died 1656 and Joan died 1685. As you can see
they were the same family in the dim and distant. Other Connections are hard
to prove due to missing Sennen Records prior to 1695. I have to hope for
wills or deeds of others to throw light on the Vingoe dynasty.

I think you have the correct Ellis family in Sennen. There is another family
in Sennen but they are a tad grander being ref. to as Gent. I have seen
several land leases between them and the Vingoe family between 1730 and 1860
in Sennen and later, Penzance. The sons were in the Navy the Church and the
Law. There were also Ellis's in Sancreed where Thomas came from but he seems
to have preferred to stay in his wife's parish.

Your Mary Vingoe who married Thomas Hattam was the 3X great grand -daughter
of William and Agnes, and Anne who married Thomas Ellis was a great
grand -daughter of Henry an Eleanor. She was born about 1769 to James Vingoe
and Amey Courtney who married in 1764.Of their 12 children she is the only
one whose birth is missing but she is mentioned in her brother Williams will
of 1845 as the wife of Thomas Ellis of Sancreed. However, the family seems
to have settled in  Sennen as some of their children are on the 1871
census -  Richard m Anne Maddern [1818] and Anne[Nancy] and Francis living
at the same address both unmarried. [Ages tally with baptism dates]
 On the marriage record for Sennen James Vingoe Ellis m Eliz Daniel 1822,
Mary Ellis m William White 1820, Henry Vingoe Ellis m Alice Murley 1812 and
John Ellis m Alice Williams 31 Dec 1825.None of the latter are in Sennen at
the 1871 census.
Neither can I find any burials for them so I think they moved out of the

Anne's Father James had property in Escalls which passed to her brother
William .He died unmarried and with no children in 1845 at Gulval He left
small annuities to his brothers and sisters but the bulk of his worldly
goods to his sister Grace's son Richard Nichols. His brother Israel; who was
20 years younger than William  contested the will saying that there was a
more recent one. He lost and the land and house went out of the family as I
think it was sold  Richard  being a Grocer-Shopkeeper at Germoe.
The house was the first on the left entering Escalls which I think is called
Venton Cottage now

James was born 1734 to Henry Vingoe and Eliz [from 1st daughters name and
burial record of Henry 1783 age 88 and widow Eliz 1788] who married
about1729. They had 8 children.
This Henry was born 1701[an earlier brother Henry 1695 had died .It was his
siblings birth date that made him 88 at burial. He was actually 82.]
Henry Vingoe was born about1665 and m Eleanor about 1687.Their 1st child a
daughter was born in August of 1688 and baptised at St.Just They had 7
children and only four survived to adulthood Henry being the only male.
I would think that your 4 X grand mother was Anne Vingoe who married Thomas
Ellis 30 July 1791 and their son John married Alice Williams 31 Dec 1825.
Hope this clarifies a bit more of your ancestry for you,

Regards   Sandra Vingoe Pritchard


Dear Judy,
I am sorry to have been so long in replying to your last e-mail. I may have some information you will find of use so here goes.
Have you found all of James and Amey's children? (12) and who they married - do you know about Williams disputed will? I can give you loads of info if you want it.
Are you from the Vingoe / Perrow, Vingoe / Hocking, Vingoe / Grenfell or the Vingoe / Thomas line? All of whom went to either Australia or New Zealand.
I have traced Jame's line back to 1642, do you have that?
I found the Cornish-L@rootsweb yesterday. Reading back through it I found a number of your letters. It's a shame that I did not find it before your recent visit but we have only recently got onto the web and Im still trying to find my way around. When you were at St Michael's Mount recently James and Amey's children where closer to you than Sennen. Germoe, Ludgvan, Gulval, Sancreed all of which are in view of the Mount was where they lived, although the land in dispute in Williams will was at Sennen and St Just parishes.
I would be pleased to pass on any information I have and also would love to be put in contact with the person in Queensland who is researching the Vingoe's.
Kind regards,
Sandra Vingoe.  



Hello George,
Just seeing you subsdcribed to the Trivia list reminded me that I had intended to get in touch earlier on.
Do hope that everything is fine with Sandra now. I received an email from her not long before Christmas, and we have corresponded a couple of times regarding my or rather my husband's Vingoe ancestors.
I will be making another trip to the UK in May of this year, and intend to spend another week in Cornwall, staying at Truro. It would be grreat if we could meet up at some stage during that time.
My husband is descended from Edward Perrow and Christiania Vingoe. Their son, Edward, married Ann (Nancy) Thomas in 1828, and in turn ,their daughter, Elizabeth Ann, married Thomas Thomas in 1861.
After some years in Guernsey, the family returned to St. Just, emigrating from there to Australia about 1870.
My husband is the 3rd.ggrandson of Edward and Christiana.
With the help of Maureen in Aus. who is also researching Vingoe, I am back as far as Henry, the father of James who married Amey Courteney, and on my trip last year I found the dates of death/burial of James and Amey.  I am hoping that I will be able to find out a few more details during my visit this year.
Looking forward to hearing from you again.
Kind regards,
Judy Thomas

Dear Judy,

 I am sorry we have not been in touch with you regarding your husbands line
and its links to the Vingoe's. As you are probably aware Sandra has been
unwell since the end of November but is now feeling much better. We have
quite a lot of information for you but feel it would be best if when you
come over in May we got together and gave it all to you then along with
explanations. Let me know if this suits you. And by the way do not let the
foot & mouth problem put you off. Life in Cornwall is going on almost like
normal except for the closure of footpaths across fields.

Looking forward to meeting you,

--------------------Dear Judy,

 I am sorry we have not been in touch with you regarding your husbands line
and its links to the Vingoe's. As you are probably aware Sandra has been
unwell since the end of November but is now feeling much better. We have
quite a lot of information for you but feel it would be best if when you
come over in May we got together and gave it all to you then along with
explanations. Let me know if this suits you. And by the way do not let the
foot & mouth problem put you off. Life in Cornwall is going on almost like
normal except for the closure of footpaths across fields.

Looking forward to meeting you,


Sandra, ever since I had read the Vingoe tree of Grace Mann and Henry Vingoe from the
Cornish L I was wanting to add to it, but did not know how to find you...I still have trouble
sending in info for them to display....guess I have to subsribe or  something.
Anyway will get back to you with all this info if you like. I had been in touch with the
wife of Stanley Vingoe the son of Hugh....... Linda in Ohio


Hi. Linda,
What a thrill it was to receive your e-mail. Please let me know what you have and we can compare. I have lots of information on the family with around five main lines which I would love to share with you. I have one line that we can trace from around 1600 to the present day with a school teacher in Alaska. Another that reaches Australia, and much more.
Hoping to hear from you soon.


Sandra and George,
Finally I can get this sent to you for additions to your info.
First I will type  up a letter that was sent to me by Lillian Vingoe the wife of Stanley Vingoe son of Hugh and Helen nee Williams.
Letter of Dec. 8, 1996
Hugh Vingoe and wife Helen(Williams) are both dead as are thier children, my husband Stanley May 29, 1996 and Elsie 1992, Richard & Jane Vingoe nee Wallis moved to Calif. Inglewood are both dead. I have not heard from Cecil or Ron. Cecil lived in Wash. D.C. during WWll Ron lived near Pittsburgh, Pa. and I believe moved to Texas. Through a cousin of Stans I learned this.
Annie Davies (neice of Hugh Vingoe and Richard Vingoe) who died 1985? her mother was Annie Vingoe sister of above  there were other children I believe one sister was a Harriet.
Annie Vingoes father was Thomas Ellis Vingoe  who married Harriet Weeks. To continue this line Annie Davies married William Haydon - one son William Davies who has a son Dennis Barrie and he has a daughter Cynthia Haydon.
Thomas Baden Powell Williams brother to Helen Williams Vingoe lives at Rockynol on Market St. in Akron he is 95 years old. He still has a sister in Calif. and nieces and nephews. Please write and tell me about the cousins you met in Newlyn. By the way Stans Uncle Baden took up painting when he retired and has painted many  pictures of Cornwall.
Stan and I lost our son Dennis Hugh Vingoe in an auto accident in 1963  he was 16 years old.  Our daughter Laure Denise born 1950 lived only 8 days. I live in a retirement villiage;
Mrs. Stanley Vingoe, Cardinal Retirement Villiage, 171 Graham Road, Cuyhoga Falls, Ohio 44223.
This was Lillian nee Brown Vingoes letter to me and I have not been in touch for a few years. Stans uncle Thomas Baden P. Williams has since died at age 99 and I did meet with him and he had some lovely paintings of Newlyn, Mousehole.
The next piece of information came from the Naturalization Records I had found in Summit County Akron Ohio Court House.
Vingoe, Richard Henry b. Newlyn West Oct. 26, 1889 wife Jane; Children, Richard Cecil b. 1 Feb. 1916 Akron, Ohio Ronald b. 12 July 1917 Akron,
Vingoe, Hugh born 1 June 1887 Newlyn west (bricklayer) port of entry New York 13 May 1909 Naturaliz. 5 Dec. 1918 wife Helen b. 1 Nov. 1887 children; Stanley b. 16 Jan. 1915 Akron, Oh. Elsie b. 23 March 1918 vol. 92 page 15 witnesses Wm. P. Medlin and John R. Farst.
Stanley Vingoe married Lillian Brown  in 1939 Akron Ohio vol. 77 page 162.
Hope this adds to your ideas. So any Mann information  coming from Mousehole, Newlyn Paul area I would love to have. I had been there four times and gathered much from Jon Pender, Roy Mann, and James Hosking on their trees and left a book of Penzance Manns in the CFHS library Truro and the library in Penzance on people who migrated over to Ohio from those villiages.
Keep in touch, Linda  in Ohio


Dear Linda,
Thank you for your e-mail which Sandra is now devouring. We will get back to you shortly with some information which hopefully will prove useful. Thanks again,
George P.


Perhaps this lady has some to add to your list...I will forward on your pages of the Grace Mann and Henry Vingoe for her. It pays to re-read emails on the off line time. Linda

Bunny, found a birth record and death record for William Uren who was the son of Rhea

Uren and Stephen Olds......they never married she was 17 at the time of Williams birth
in Sept 21, 1927 in Akron and he was 20(Stephen Olds) William Edward Uren died in
1995 Jan. 24 of heart failure same parents listed on death record. He worked at Goodrich
and was 67 years old when he died.
Rhea was born in Michigan and her  son Married Roberta Karam (libonese) and their child
was Cindy Uren.....I can give her address to you later if you like. She had a few phone
conversations with me and I guess she has a handicap of some kind because she lives
in a building that is state run for the disabled. When I went to meet her she never came
down to the lobby and sort of fell off the phone calls from me. She did not know that her
father was grandfather was a Stephen Olds.
There are two Urens in the Akron phone book Fred and Mark.
Hugh Vingoe born 1888 Newlyn
Annie Vingoe born 1872 married a John Sampson Davies
A Sandra Maureen Vingoe born 1943 put a tree out on the roots web it contained six
pages of Vingoe infor including Hugh, Annie so on. I will try and direct you to it.....takes
a certain month to get to it directly and I will have to go back into the site later.
More later.  Linda Mann

Dear Linda,

Thanks for all your info and now I will try to give you what my Aunt can remember. I have never done any research on this time in Ohio but I always wondered why a stone mason from Newlyn ended up working in a tire factory. I guess it was availability of work and also my Grandmother's sister and 2 cousins lived in the area. My grandmother's sister was Sarah Ann "Annie" Edmonds born  Oct. 29 1884  in Uny Lelant and she married Fred and moved to Akron about 1914 to keep him out of the war. They had a daughter Ria and a son Billie. Annie and children moved to Victoria without Fred and then returned to Akron the date???  My Aunt thought Jack Majors wife was Bessie and they had 2 children, the name Vera comes to mind. She thought Stan Vingoe's wife was Elsie and the children were Hugh and?? These people were referred to as cousins, but were they really or just called such. There was no contact with any of the Akron people after they moved back to Victoria. The only other thing my Aunt remembers is the property that Jack Majors and my Grandfather owned together in Akron was sold and Jack was told to keep the money as my Grandfather had not being paying his portion of the taxes. As my Aunt says it was such along time ago and she was very young. My Grandfather was born in Newlyn and I found the street hre lived on when I was over in Cornwall. I have made 2 trips over to do research and really enjoyed the area. My big thrill was to Walk Market Jew Street where my Grandmother said her and Papa courted. Hope this added info helps and i look forward to hearing from you.


From Sandra Pritchard
To Gary Neveling
Sent Twelth Night 2002
Ancestors with the Vingoe surname
Hello Gary,
You asked for any info in Forbears of William c1750  so here goes-----
Margaret Vingoe: baptised  Jan 25 Sennen Parish Church  Father William b1730-buried 1808 Sennen
                                                                                        Mother Joan[Jane]Dennis b 1732 buried 1810 Sennen
                            married 26 June 1775  "                        Husband John Stevens of St.Ives
 There were two William Vingoes in Sennen at this time which made my earlier research very difficult. Margaret's father Willliam was the son of John Vingoe Jnr. and Margaret Reed, married at Sennen in 1729. The records relating to John and his wife's birth are missing as Sennen records are lost prior to 1700.He left a Will when he died in 1760 which helped to fill in some blanks.Margaret his wife had died in 1750 and is buried at Sennen. John then moved to Paul where his daughter Margaret [b 1732-1803] lived with her husband William Willis, whom she married in 1753.I can not find the marriage of William and Joan but can confirm the connection by her fathers will where she is named as the wife of William. She has a sister Grace who marries Francis Boase of Penzance.They were the daughters of Peter Dennis and Joan of St. Buryan.
The baptism entries at Sennen are all over the place at this time and many are missing.Half the time there was no clergy to provide burials let alone baptisms. Sennen was, together with St.Levan and St. Buryan, a Royal Peculiar and the living was in the gift of the king.His appointees to the benefice were all too often absent and a poor clerk was expected to do the best he could with three far flung parishes to care for. The buildings at this time were also in a sad state and the records suffered consequentially
The entry for Margaret is out of sequence as is her sister Mary  March 21 1754 but the parents are definitely William and Joan. Another sister Grace 27 March 1758 is in the margin as an afterthought and does not mention parents.I am 90% sure she is this family though. Mary married Richard Bottrell 2 Aug 1788  at Sennen and Grace married William Hutchins of St.Buryan at Sennen 2 August 1777 but died after childbirth.She is buried in Paul as Mrs. Grace Hitchins 19 Nov 1782.William Hutchins was part owner of a fishing boat with a  William Vingoe but not the above.He would have been his father -in-law.He was a partner of the another William, a cousin, who lived at Trevilly in Sennen Parish.This William was born 1731 and was the son of a William Vingoe [c1695-?]and Mary Daniel{1705-1794] of Sancreed  17 Oct 1730 at St. Buryan .He had three sons William 1731 , Henry 1733 and Richard 1736. Unfortunately although alive in 1748  [evidence in a will of a Martyn Hutchins], something happens to William and his two eldest sons. I can find no record of them dying via a burial or a Will but Richard inherits the estate.His only son in turn marries into the Hutchens family but dies age 30 of consumption , leaving only infant daughters .Their heirs continued to occupy the land down to 1980, often marring into the Hutchins family again until they sold of the last of the inheritance. This is of course the  Land's End inclidngthe first and last house,hotel and pub. It sold then for £1 Million or thereabouts!
To get back to the less affluent line:
William was left his father's half share in a fishing boat called "The Lynack"? at his father's death in 1760. It is possible that he already owned a share in another boat.Fishing away would make for irregular attendance at church in the matter of christenings etc.Strangely only two of the girls are mentioned in their grandfather's will : Mary and Grace.William's sister Margaret [1732-1803] is left the House and garden in Paul and William a piece of property at Raginis in Mousehole.Margaret is definitely a daughter of William and Joan.
Williams father John was named as Junior at his wedding so one would assume his father was also a John.and born about 1695. In turn his father would have been born c 1670.If this supposition is correct, he is  the grandson of John and Joan Vingoe and mentioned in his grandmother's will of 1685 as being the son of her son John. He also has a sister Jane c1672 who marries Edward Hutchins at Sennen 30 Nov 1701.
. Also mentioned were a grandson William [b1664-1730*Will] who witnessed her will.His wife was called Agnes[ bur1747 Sennen. widow]. He was not a beneficiary and had inherited from his own father, William who was probably  dead in 1685.[His father was probably born about  c1635 as he was off an age to inherit under his father John's Will of1656] .John and Joan's eldest son.William also had another son called Henry b c1666 who married an Eleanor c1687 and had 7 children all baptised at St.Just.[This I think is my line]
John Vingoe died 1656 in  the interregnum and he left his land and property for his wife and sons to use in her lifetime and after her death to William the eldest son.The other sons were John,Jenkyn Martyn and Peter. At the time of Joan's death in 1685 Martyn is no more and Peter dies in 1707 as far as I can tell neither with any issue.Jenkyn is a bit of a problem as there are two in the rates in 1680's. I have lots of information on one who was a Quaker and married a Mary Reed[1643-1708?]in1665. She was also from a family of Quakers but this line veers off to St ives and then Falmouth after a disastrous fire at their ropeworks in1721. St. Ives was not a good place for Quakers !There was also a Digory Vingoe of Helston , who died in 1703 leaving land at Sennen to his cousin William .He only had two daughters : Jane married the Stephens of Falmouth  and Sarah who married a Buspidnick from St. Levan.This family was also Quaker.
The last bit of the puzzle of Joan's will is that she mentions a sister also called Joan married to a Richard Bottrell. Someone else gave me the information that this was correct and that Joan was the daughter of Edmond Nyclis according to a will of1662. He had daughters, Charity Harry, Jone Bottril and Jone Vingoe.
What I still have yet to work out is the question as to whether Joan was probably a good deal younger than John as there is nearly thirty years between their deaths, The will of John states that all 5 sons are "THE FRUIT IF OUR LOINS"so if the first was born anout 1635 when Joan was 20 or so was John the same age or was she a second or even third wife? There is a John marrying  Christian Reskilley at Mawgan -in- Meneague in 1605.They have a daughter Philip b1606 and then I have found Christian's burial at Mawgan in January 1619 .The next year in January, a John Vingoe married Alice Richards at Mawgan and then nothing until the Protestation returns in 1642 when a John Vingoe is recorded in Sennen. However, there is a Nichol Vingow recorded earlier in 1564 in a Muster Roll of Sennen, with a "Bill and 6 arrows".We will probably never know!
Hope you can make something out of all this. Do you come down from Margaret via one of the daughters i.e. Margaret Stevens m Richard Cocking  1804 or Anne Stevens m James Bodinar 1802? If you can fill in any gaps either by holding other info or seeing a connection I've missed please feel free to comment. Sometimes all this drives me up the wall a little!
Best wishes
Sandra Pritchard [ nee Vingoe]
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Hi George,
Thanks for the update and I am glad to hear that Sandra is recovering well.
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Hi Gary,
Just to let you know that we have not forgot you and will be answering your e-mail about your Vingoe ancestors shortly. Sandra is now feeling a lot better and is starting to answer some of her mail so it won't be too long.
George Pritchard
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Hi Sandra,
Unfortunately I will not be able to help you with any descendants of Alfred Pears Vingoe, however I would be grateful if you could provide me with any information you may have on the Vingoe family before 1750. I am interested in tracing ancestors of William Vingoe (abt 1750) who had a daughter Margaret Vingoe - born abt 1756 in Sennen Cove Cornwall. She married a John Stevens on 26 Aug 1777, Sennen Cove, Cornwall.
Thanks for your assistance.
Gary Neveling
RE: Comments:
I trying to trace the descendants of Alfred Pears Vingoe. He emigrated from Cornwall around 1900 and I believe settled in Waterloo, Ontario. If you can help please get in touch have lots of information to swap on Vingoe family history.