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I have tried to give you some links to pages which are interesting and helpful. 

  1. You will find lots of information on Cornwall Here at the GEN-UKI page.

  2. This site goes with the one below and gives you the Batch Numbers  which allow you to find all the entries for your family name in a parish register. 

  3. This site enables you to search for your ancestors. Here you are able to access the Birth and marriage records of millions of people from around 1600 to 1890.

  4. For information on how the mailings (or any rootsweb mailing list) works (including subscribe & unsubscribe instructions) please click the tree.


    Click here to search the CORNISH-L archives.

    Click Here to search the CORNISH-GEN-L archives.Click here to 

Click here to search the CORNISH-L archives.

Click Here to search the CORNISH-GEN-L archives.Click here to 
  1. One of the best pages on the web for information on West Penwith  the area of Cornwall that the Vingoes came from has been put together by Rick Parsons.

  2. Cornish 19th Century marriages a searchable record of marriages which took place in Cornwall.

  3. Genealogy HowTo - Hidden Clues within Records While focusing in on your sources and notes you may be surprised by what you will find. This newsletter gives you some great ideas on new and innovative ways to look for hidden clues within records you already have. Full Article
  4. Site FAQs - 1871 Cornwall Census Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Check out the Cornish Volunteer lookup library for the services as mentioned above and other Cornish Records.
  6. A list of "Wills & Admons for Gwinear, Cornwall 1660 - 1773" has been prepared by Kathy Weigel along with many other Cornwall Parishes.
  7. Cornish History  this is a great site for anyone interested in the social history of Cornwall.

  8. This is the page for anyone who needs a regular fix of Cornwall. Charles Winpenny takes wonderful photographs of Cornwall and puts new ones on the web each day. He also allows you to use them on your own web pages as long as you give him a credit.

  9. Also check here Cornish database page.
  10. For some history of Cornwall  visit David Ford's site, The Kingdoms of Dumnonia
  11. This site gives you details of ships that were in port during the 1881 census.

Sites for checking if your family moved abroad or elswhere in the UK,

  1. England Census Finder

  2. Ellis Island was the place that immigrants into the USA were processed. On this page you can search the records for people who arrived in the USA between the years 1892 and 1924.

  3. Canada   this is a similar site to Ellis island but for Canada.

  4.  search site for  emigrants to Victoria in Australia. here

  5. You can search hundreds of cemetery records here  

Other sites of interest:

  1. PRO  the UK Public Record Office site


  3. The TRIPOD site  gives you access to build your own web page.You are allowed 50MB of space free. at the present time the whole of the Vingoe Web site takes up just 16 MB so still plenty of space to play with. This is the best offer I've found on the web let me know if you know of a better one. I built this site using Microsoft Frontpage and was able to download my web pages direct to Tripod.

  4. Map The best site for finding anywhere in the UK.

  5. Old Maps  great site for old maps of your area.

  6. Parish Locater     This page will help you find any parish in the UK if you are researching family


The Environment

GREENPEACE was the organisation my husband used to work for. Click on Logo to see what they are up to now.

Greenpeace banner
  1. Dive the Warrior  See what happened to the Rainbow Warrior.

  2. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust  have a great site with lots of information.

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