Penzance Gazette, 21st July, 1841 :—

    On Monday last, the fourth anniversary tea-drinking of Newlyn, Mousehole, and other fisherwomen, was celebrated in the Corn Market, Penzance, when upwards of 100 partook of tea and cake, ample quantities being provided for the occasion. They proceeded from the shop of Mr. John Harvey, decorated with ribbons, &c., preceded by a band, which struck up “God Save the Queen." On entering the Corn Exchange, there was a long table laid, at the head of which stood a throne, decorated very tastefully with ever­greens and flowers. This was occupied by the Queen in the person of one of our Newlyn fisherwomen—a good-looking woman by the way—when her majesty desired her subjects to sit down and partake of the good things before them. All being ready, a dozen ladies stood behind the seats and waited on them, whilst hundreds of inhabitants looked on in delight. His Worship the Mayor was present, and after tea was over, addressed the ladies of the “cowal” very appropriately, when her majesty (Sally Berryman) rose and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen—We are assembled here for the fourth time to commemorate the Coronation of Her most Gracious Majesty the Queen: it is highly gratifying to look round and behold so large a number of individuals as are here assembled upon this occasion—which is proof of that high respect the inhabitants of Penzance bear towards our Queen.” Tea over, the band plays some lively airs. At length dancing begins, when several of our town, as well as gentlemen strangers, joined, who appeared greatly to enjoy the fun. When the dancing was over, Mr. Johnson kindly invited several of the fisherwomen to his theatre, which they accepted, politely thanking him.



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